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A new feature in the mObywatel application: Ukrainian-Polish digital support

​​The Ministry of Digital Affairs of Poland has recently presented a new feature in the mObywatel 2.0 app: Safe Bus. The Minister of Digitization, Janusz Cieszyński, explained that it allows users to check whether the bus they or their loved ones travel on is safe. All a person needs to do is enter the vehicle registration number. 

Whether a given bus has valid liability insurance and technical inspections – in both cases, their expiry date will be displayed. In addition, the Safe Bus module contains the year of manufacture of the vehicle and its VIN number, as well as the last recorded odometer reading and technical data such as the number of seats (total, seated, standing), unladen weight, and permissible gross weight.

In addition, in the Safe Bus module, after entering the registration number, you can find information about the vehicle documents, i.e. the date of issue of the registration certificate, homologation number, and its category and variant.

It may or may not be because not every vehicle will have valid documents. The data in the mObywatel application come from the Central Register of Vehicles and it may happen that after entering the registration number, you will see information that a given bus has been marked in the database as unregistered or stolen.

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