mObywatel: Future of Digital Poland


How to handle official matters quickly: meet mObywatel, a brand for the digital transformation of Poland

The European Funds for Digital Development program for 2021-2027 has received the green light from the European Commission to support digital transformation endeavors in Poland.

Under the auspices of the European Funds for Digital Development (EFDD) program, nearly 2 billion euros has been earmarked to bolster digital advancement across the nation. Emphasizing on broader accessibility to ultra-fast Internet for households, businesses, and socio-economic development zones, the program also aims to foster the growth of electronic public services and improve access to digital data. Notably, the EFDD will also back projects focusing on enhancing cybersecurity across various domains.

The Ministry of Digital Affairs of Poland has launched an initiative known as mObywatel, which serves as an online citizen's assistant, streamlining official processes and enhancing convenience without requiring individuals to leave their homes. The application will make handling essential documents and expediting official matters faster and easier. Notably, mObywatel's utility encompasses a range of scenarios, including crossing borders, conducting financial transactions in banks, and applying for a new ID card. By offering convenience and security, mObywatel allows citizens not to carry a physical ID card with them.

mObywatel can be downloaded via AppStore or Google Play, granting users the ability to interact with public administration via email, access detailed information about their vehicles and penalty points, and retrieve data from essential state registers, such as the PESEL database or the Register of ID Cards. One can also access mObywatel via the website.

With the European Commission's endorsement and the introduction of transformative applications like mObywatel, Poland stands poised to make significant strides in its digital transformation journey. These initiatives promise to uplift the nation's technological landscape and create a more digitally empowered society for all.

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